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Board of Directors


Hi, I'm Lyndze

I was born and raised in Eastern Kentucky. After traveling due to my husbands career, we found our way back to the small town of Breathitt County. We love this area and could not imagine living anywhere else. We have three dogs: Dayzel, Sondra & Luna.


My biggest aspiration in life is to help my hometown and all of the individuals and animals living here.

Unfortunately, Eastern Kentucky is given a stigma of being one of the worst places to live, my life goal is to change that perception. By helping the animals and individuals of Eastern Kentucky, I believe we can start a long fulfilling journey of making our home a better place.

Lyndze Smoot, President

Christina McIntosh, Vice President


Serving as our main rescue member and animal foster, Christina has opened her home at all hours of the night to any and all animals in need. From kittens and dogs, to endangered livestock; Christina is ready to travel the distance for our furry legged friends.


Not only is Christina a wonderful foster, she has also adopted several of our take-ins, growing to love them in short amounts of time with her overflowing heart. Christina is always answering concerned citizen questions, trying to ensure that all those in need are cared for. Not to mention the countless transports to outside organizations that assist us with our large surrender and rescue numbers. This allows us to have the space and resources needed to handle other animals in our area. 

Christina McIntosh, Vice President


Hi, I'm Brittany


I was born in Eastern, KY, raised in Northern, KY, and am incredibly excited to be raising my family back in the mountains. My background is in corporate finance and data science, and I look forward to working with the Aspire team to come up with creative, original ideas to help the people and animals of our community. 

I think our mission in life should be to leave each person we meet a little better off, and I am excited to be a part of the positive impact Aspire is having in our town. 

Brittany Adams, Treasurer 

Lauren Bates, Secretary 

Lauren has been an active member in the Jackson community for as long as we can remember, which only makes sense as to why she should help with all our resource management plans! As a member of the Breathitt County Relay for Life and Jackson Woman’s Club, Lauren helps to provide our team with outside resources to promote collaboration and unison in our community efforts. Not only is Lauren an asset to our communication outreach, she is also a wonderful facilitator when it comes to finding those in need and providing them with the assistance required.


Lauren’s family, husband Wallace and son Caleb Bates, contribute often to our efforts, helping to deliver food boxes in unison with our local hunger prevention group, spreading love and compassion during the devastating flood of 2021, hauling equipment and other donated supplies, and more. 


Brandi Adams, 

Board Member 

Brandi serves as foster care home, reaching out to those in need of surrender or rescue and helping with transports. Not only does Brandi help with our rescue and foster efforts, she is also committed to reaching out beyond our area for as much assistance as possible to keep our nonprofit organization working as smoothly as can be.


Brandi has helped us collect monetary donations, animal services, and food donations from all over the state. 

Rachael Durham, Board Member


Rachael Durham serves as a fundraising leader and organizational asset to the officers as needed. Rachael has helped to boost our fundraising efforts, creating events and selling goods both edible and material. These fundraisers help us to provide in so many ways. 


Rachael works in unison with treasurer Brittany Adams to ensure that fundraising money has been accounted for and is organized for easy access by all six board members. Rachael also helps secretary Lauren Bates with communication and contacts with those needed in order to get something done or created and on the right track. 

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