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Aspire Appalachia, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization headquartered in Breathitt County, Kentucky.


Funded primarily from the generosity of individual and corporate donors, Aspire Appalachia develops and operates programs to improve the livelihoods of people and animals in the Eastern Kentucky region.

As responsible stewards of the generosity of our donors, we also promote transparency through publishing financial records on our website so all interested parties can see where every dollar goes in our organization.

Spay/Neuter & TNR

Kentucky has one of the largest populations of unaltered cats and dogs. With many shelters overwhelmed and underfunded, there is a lack of funds and resources available to help pet owners spay and neuter their animals.

How do I apply?


Please apply through the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter for low cost Spay/Neuter Services. If your pet's surgery is approved through the low cost spay/neuter program, Aspire Appalachia will review application to determine eligibility for an additional voucher to reduce applicant cost as low as $10 per spay/neuter surgery.

If you don't qualify for low income assistance, the Kentucky River Regional Animal Shelter, located in Hazard, KY, can still provide assistance through the following programs:

  • A discounted rate of $80 per dog and $50 per cat.

  • FREE spay/neuter for Pit or Pit mixes.

  • Spay It Forward Program - This program allows owners to surrender a litter of puppies to an animal rescue and have the mother fixed for free!

Voucher approval is not guaranteed and is dependent on the availability of funds at the time of application. Application is attached for your convenience. Please forward application to Brandi Adams at KRRAS c/o Brandi Adams, PO Box 256, Jackson, KY 41339 or email at If you need to make other arrangements, you may contact her at (606) 643-6833.

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Pet Food Blessing Boxes

What is a Pet Food Blessing Box?

Unfortunately, Kentucky continues to remain one of the bottom ranked states when it comes to the protection of animals. Local shelters are at capacity and struggle to remain operational. That's why our Pet Food Blessing Box program is so incredibly important to us.

Everyone has experienced a point in their life where they're struggling to make ends meet. Our Pet Food Blessing Box is a resource for anyone currently experiencing that struggle to come and pick up any item that their pet may need at no charge.

"Take what you need, leave what you can"

The Pet Food Blessing Boxes are operated on the belief of "take what you need, leave what you can". Once you're no longer struggling, make a donation to your local Pet Food Blessing Box so the next person who was experiencing issues similar to yours can have the same opportunity.

Where are these boxes located?

There is currently one box that was made possible by our Board President before the inception of our organization. Aspire currently maintains this box and it is located in Jackson, KY at Tiki's Treasures, 231 Highway 15.

Pet Essentials

Our Pet Essentials Assistance (PEA) program was formed to assist pet owners who are in need of essential items for their dog or cat.

Some of the items we supply include: 

  • dog houses

  • dog beds

  • straw

  • flea/tick prevention

  • dog tie out

  • vaccinations

You can submit your request for the PEA program by submitting an application. Your application must include a photo of your pet and its current living conditions. As the program is limited to fund availability, submission of an application does not guarantee approval. Applicants will be put on a wait list if funds are not available at the time of application.

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