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Aspire Appalachia Police K9 Program


We are so excited to announce a new program!


Animals and Kentucky are two huge parts of our organization. In the animal world, there is such a lack of funding for help and many go unnoticed.


Police K9’s are one of the areas that are often extremely under funded. Rural departments often rely on grants just to be able to afford the price of the dog. They require a lot of maintenance, food, training and vet care that often cut into already tight budgets. Many times departments are unable to provide their K9 partners with a ballistic vest or medical kit that can add an additional layer of protection while they are working.


We will be accepting applications from police departments in the State of Kentucky for police K9 vests and/or medical first aid kits! Our goal is to raise enough money and secure grant funding for at least two vests and 10 medical kits in 2023. We hope to raise enough to continue this program for years to come and possibly increase the amount we are able to offer!



1. Be a law enforcement agency in the State of Kentucky.  

2. Have a current police K9 in your department.


You can submit your application at the link below! We will work with police agencies to choose the best vest for their specific k9. If the vest they choose is over budget, they have the option to raise the additional funds needed to secure the purchase, or choose another vest in the given price range. 

For any additional questions regarding the program, please email us at or send us a message on our Facebook page. Someone will get in touch with you as soon as possible! 


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