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  • Lyndze Smoot

Aspire Appalachia Hosts Back-to-School Event!

Aspire Appalachia hosted a Back-to-School event located at Tiki Treasures in Jackson, KY! The event took place on August 16, 2020.

"As an organization, we were able to help with the burden of purchasing school supplies for 50 families,” said Lyndze Smoot, President of Aspire Appalachia.

Aspire Appalachia worked with multiple community members to ensure enough supplies were collected for 50 backpacks. All of the backpacks were filled with school supplies.

"Aspire Appalachia would like to thank all of the individuals who donated items or money, Tiki Treasures for allowing us to host the event there and Juniper Health for providing information supplies on Health Insurance. We hope to continue this event every year to ensure children in need can receive a backpack with needed school supplies,” said Lyndze Smoot.

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